When you eliminate the mythology of the evil one that their legend seeds. Your Adversary is nothing more than someone that shits and bleeds. The more holes that are created in my body from my enemy’s blade. The more light that will shine through from my soul, as I serve only the King of the […]

When you are a spiritual warship at sea and surrounded by an ever-growing number of adversarys that want to destroy you. You have to evolve into a metaphysical submarine and sink yourself on your terms. Then fire torpedoes, and invite your adversary’s to join you.

Secrecy is a method of concealing your tactical information and status from the adversary for the purpose of minimizing their strategic advantage. Producing an advantage for the entity or individual utilizing secrecy as your adversary generates war planning from inaccurate tactical information. At a philosophical level Secrecy is a form of deceit due to it’s […]