When I wanted to rest in a tomb,You let me bury my pain in your womb. As I hold you by the hair with every thrust,I know you are the only woman that I can trust. Only to you my life I commit,as only for me you kneel and submit. As you satisfy the beast […]

Pain is my heroin; she is my only accepting bride. The more this world injects inside, the more I am able to philosophize. When the world tries to destroy me it fails, because I have already crossed that path under a ship’s sail. While inflicting pain on myself with a cat of 9 tails. When […]

My heart has never felt the pain of this kind of fall. The only thing that has kept me together is the teachings of Paul, as I build my New Castle‚Äôs wall. The first time that I saw Heaven was when I looked into your eyes. Your heart is the only place I feel safe […]